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Product Insight: Multi Gauge™

Following our last blog, we introduced our most essential and popular brake accessory, the TrimCutter™. Our next product insight is about another brake accessory that pairs well with the TrimCutter™, the Multi Gauge™.
This brake accessory features an angle guide that assists with determining the angle of the material being bent, and the TrimCutter™ cut-off point. The Multi Gauge™, which is packaged in a set of two, easily positions on any of our cam-locking brakes as well as our Coil Dispenser™.
How do I use the Multi Gauge™? Insert your material into your brake. Position the two Multi Gauge™ tools at each end of the material. Bend the material to the desired angle, using the Multi Gauge™ to assist. To utilize the Multi Gauge™ for the cut point of the TrimCutter™, simply mark your material as needed, then align the lead edge of the Multi Gauge™ to your marks. The TrimCutter™ knives will cut at this point which is 1 ½” from the lead edge of the brakes stainless steel strip. The Multi G…

Product Insight: TrimCutter™

Today, we are going to review one of Van Mark’s most essential and popular brake accessories, the TrimCutter™. When cutting with a utility knife, you potentially run the risk of damaging your brake when cutting material. Using a utility knife leaves a rough burr edge on your material. When bending material on our cam-locking brakes, the TrimCutter™ is a vital tool in cutting the material on the brake or Coil Dispenser™.
What material can the TrimCutter™ cut through? The TrimCutter™ cuts through galvanized steel, copper, zinc, vinyl, and heavy aluminum, basically anything that the brake can bend, the TrimCutter™ can cut. Best of all, the TrimCutter™ leaves a clean burr-free factory edge every time.
How easy is it to cut material with the TrimCutter™? Thanks to the unique 4-point track bearing system, combined with the low-profile grip, the TrimCutter™ gives you great control over cutting and averts the cutter riding off the brake or Coil Dispenser™.

The TrimCutter™ is an indispensable t…