Thursday, December 1, 2016

Year End Potential Tax Savings

Year End potential tax savings

As we get closer and closer to the end of 2016 and the holiday season begins, potential tax savings for your business are sometimes overlooked. Depending on a company’s profit picture as yearend approaches purchasing capital equipment may be an avenue for some potential tax savings. Any business considering this should consult their tax preparer for how this would affect their individual needs and situation.

Van Mark typically sees a surge of purchases by our distributors of our most commonly sold brakes and many additional accessories to compliment these brakes. The Mark II TrimMaster 10’ 6” brake is the bestselling brake for residential siding, windows and roofing needs. The most common stands and accessories purchased this time of year are the Model USA1EZ UniStand, The Model 3017 TrimCutter, the Model 3015 TrimFormer and the Model CD24 CoilDispenser.

For our distributors who deal in Metal Roofing the Industrial MetalMaster 20EZ Model IM1055 is the most popular brake. This brake is designed to bend all the most common metal roofing trim pieces from 29 gauge, 26 gauge and 24 gauge painted steel (Grade D). This brake comes standard with a built in UniStand EZ and has a platform where the users body weight is the counter balance that stabilizes the brake when bending. The bestselling accessory with this unit is the Model 3017 TrimCutter as it will cut up to 24 Gauge painted steel (Grade D).

Friday, September 2, 2016

Introducing the new Van Mark Gutter Hood Clip

Introducing the new Van Mark Gutter Hood Clip

Welcome to the Van Mark Blog! In these blog posts, we will talk about our products, their use in the industry, tips, and maintenance. For our inaugural first post, we have some exciting news! Introducing the new Van Mark Gutter Hood Clips!

At about half the cost of Van Marks Gutter Hood Bracket the clip is easy to install and holds the nose of the domed gutter hood in place for optimum flow of water into the gutter and to allow the least amount of debris into the gutter. The Clip simply hooks under the front lip of any “K” Style gutter and rotates into the perfect position for the gutter hood to be installed with a cover (zip) screw.

The Van Mark Trim-A-Gutter™ forming tool forms industry standard 4’ lengths of custom “domed” gutter hood. Unlike the pre-formed “one size fits all” hood systems the Trim-A-Gutter™ system allows the contractor to decide what hood configuration best fits the jobs needs and custom form the hood to fit those needs. Van Mark does recognize that each gutter may have a unique situation and the contractor installing the system can best decide what will be the most effective system for each individual job. Both standard gutter coils and trim coil can be used to match either the gutter or the roof, or a custom color could be used as an accent color.

The tool is easy to use. You simply cut the metal to size, use the bending flange to bend the ½” 90-degree bend on the lead edge of the metal. You then remove the bent piece, rotate it and reinsert back into the forming can, lift the bending handle until the desired curvature is achieved on the lead edge of the hood, and install the piece.

For our contractors, there are no franchise fees or territories, much like Van Mark’s portable bending brake you simply purchase the tool and custom form whatever metal fits your customer’s needs right on the job site. The cost of materials is very low compared to pre-formed pieces purchased as a package. For more information about the Trim-A-Gutter™ System, Clips, and Brackets, visit our website Follow us on our social media for more information and blog posts.