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Employee Focus: Joseph Russell

  For th e first quarter of 2021, our Employee Focus is on Joseph Russell.  Joe joined the Van Mark Sales team in September of 2020, not long after his graduation from Miami University.  Joe earned his Bachelor’s degree in business, with a focus on marketing, along with an Associate’s degree in history.  Joe tells us one of the reasons he likes working at Van Mark is due to the small business aspect.  Everyone knows everyone so, communication is easy.  He feels he is getting great experiences which will be helpful in his future endeavors. Joe has been very diligent learning about Van Mark’s product line.   He shared that he feels an overall sense of accomplishment with understanding our products, the distribution process, and his ability to help our customer’s needs.   Joe has undoubtedly gained the respect of his peers for his outstanding communication skills. Joe has exciting plans for his future.   He wa s recently accepted into the Marine Corp Officer Program and, unfortunately
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Offering parts solutions for every tool Van Mark has Manufactured

  Since 1964 Van Mark has manufactured a complete line of tools and products for the construction and remodeling industries.   One of the cornerstones of our business is offering replacements parts for our tools including our legacy tools going back to our inception 56 years ago.  Every day we receive calls form owners of our tools that are up to 50 years ago who need to replace the common wear parts or replace a part that they have broken or simply worn out over the many years of use. They are always very happy when they find out that we have parts solutions for their tools. You read that correctly, we have parts solutions for every tool Van Mark has manufactured.  Should you ever need assistance with any product, you can count on Van Mark’s customer service team to provide you with the same courteous friendly service as your first day of purchase.  Our technical team is available Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM (EST) and our customer service team is available from 8:00am to 5:00pm

Vinyl Siding Installation & Brake Operation Webinar

Those in the workforce looking to expand their knowledge in the vinyl siding installation, the Vinyl Siding Institute will be offering a FREE webinar, “Vinyl Siding Institute – Basic Vinyl Siding Installation and Best Practices on Siding”, Thursday, July 23rd 2020. This 90-minute joint educational webinar will focus on basic vinyl siding installation and field forming brake best practices when installing vinyl siding. Van Mark Products is proud to offer their insight on proper brake operation, coil dispenser loading and use, as well as bending basic shapes. You can reserve your spot here . For more information about the VSI, you can visit and for more information on Van Mark Products, please visit

Employee Focus: Ethan Guza

2020 has turned out to be a challenging year. The global pandemic caused many changes in the way we do things, but our employees are as resilient as our products. They have met the challenges head on.  One of those employees we are focusing on in the 2nd Quarter is Ethan Guza.  Ethan joined the Van Mark team as a Logistics Associate in June of 2019.  He will be celebrating his 1st anniversary very soon!  Ethan shared with us that he enjoys working in a fast-paced environment and that he is frequently learning new things in his field of study.  Ethan graduated in 2019 from Oakland University, in just 3 years, with a Bachelor’s degree in Operations Management with a Supply Chain Specialization.  That is impressive! Ethan describes Van Mark as “Quality, durable products”.  “I see much older brake models that come in for maintenance or parts”.  Ethan tells us that he thinks it’s pretty amazing that Van Mark is able to service brakes that were originally manufactured in the 60’s or 70’s but

People know what it costs to buy a brake, wouldn't it be better to know what it costs to own a brake?

When considering what tool to purchase, the first thing many consumers look at is the price. Once they factor price, they should also consider other factors like the quality, durability, and longevity that comes with comparing tools. The one thing many consumers fail to consider is “How much does it cost to own a specific tool over the years of ownership?”. Some tool brands will require frequent on-site adjustments due to critically functioning parts that wear out. Van Mark tools are designed for many years of service with almost no adjustments needed and minimal maintenance costs. As an example, consider the cost of a tune-up kit and how frequently it needs to be purchased over the lifetime of your tool. If a higher quality Van Mark brake purchased from a distributor costs $100 more than a cheaper competing brake the end user sees an immediate savings. However, if a tune-up kit for the cheaper brake costs $180 and is needed in the first year or two, the cheaper brake now costs

Employee Focus: David Barget

For our first quarter in 2020, our Employee Focus is on David Barget.   Dave has been a member of the Van Mark team since June of 1993, when he was hired in as a Production Associate.   This June he will be celebrating 27 years with the company.   Dave shared with us that he feels the work is not too complicated and enjoys the people he works with.   He said work keeps him active and makes the day go by quickly.   When we asked Dave to describe Van Mark in a couple of words he said, “Unique product line”.   Van Mark manufactures tools for the Construction Industry, therefore we are a bit unique considering we live in the “Motor City”, where many manufactures are automotive related. Dave tells us that he’s hoping to retire in the next couple of years.   He’s planning to retire by the age of 67, however, Dave did tell us that he wants to continue working “As long as I’m healthy, and right now I’m pretty healthy!”.   Speaking of healthy, Dave clearly takes very good care of himse

Happy Retirement to Harold Burns!

Harold Burns (aka Hal), a long-term employee, retired this December. Hal has represented Van Mark since 1985. He has done an excellent job in both the production and maintenance of Van Mark’s products. Hal has been one of our employee focus topics last year in June, you can read more about him here Employee Focus – Hal Burns. We want to take the opportunity to thank Hal for his hard work over the past 34 years and wish him a healthy and happy retirement!